Covid-19-infected mums ‘can breastfeed babies with proper precautions’


The World Health Organisation (WHO) and Unicef have said that mothers infected with Covid-19, with no severe symptoms, can breastfeed their babies, but they must wear a medical mask, director-general Panpimol Wipulakorn of the Department of Health said on Saturday (May 2). 

Also, mothers must not touch babies’ face, nose or mouth, and must not kiss them, she added. 

However, mothers with severe symptoms are allowed to pump their milk and store it to feed their babies. “In this case, the mothers require fathers or assistants to feed the stored mother’s milk to babies,” the director-general explained. 

Also, she said that babies of infected mothers will be considered susceptible to Covid-19 infection, and need to be secluded from other babies for monitoring. 

The director-general added that there were people and organisations who wanted to distribute baby food to mothers suffering because of the Covid-19 situation.