10 items you should carry when stepping out

Though we are all practising social distancing and trying to stay at home, here are 10 items that should be kept handy:

Hand-sanitising gel: Carry a 70-per-cent alcohol gel to clean your hands immediately after you touch anything outside the house.

Liquid soap: Washing hands is all important at this time, and using liquid soap will not make your skin dry.

Face mask: It is important to wear one when outside because not only will it protect you from respiratory droplets, it will also prevent you from touching your face with dirty hands.

Wet wipes: Useful for keeping hands clean or for use in public toilets.

Rubber gloves: Will protect you from directly touching risky spots.

Cutlery: Using a serving spoon will reduce the risk of infection.

Straw: Using a personal straw is safer because the virus can be transmitted via people’s hands.

Personal food carrier: This will prevent you from sharing plates with others and cut down on your risk of catching the virus.

Supplements: Boost your immunity with vitamins and other supplements.

Thermometer: Always have an infrared thermometer handy to keep track of your body temperature.