Classic stylist : Hair-salon owner says a car should ideally reflect a person’s character


The occupations we pursue each day play a big role in shaping our personalities and lifestyles.

So says Kittitad Choomsantikul, owner of Ken Hair Decor Modern in The Mall Bang Khae.

“I’m a hairdresser. I’m used to dressing hair, and this has instilled in me an appreciation for designs that focus on convex and concave shapes,” he says. Not surprisingly, his artistic preferences extend to his choice in cars.

“When I bought my car, I believed it had to not only reflect art, but also impress people, like a magic spell. What I wanted was a Jaguar sports car, a classic car with a powerful 5.3-litre V12 engine,” he says.

Owning his Jaguar XJS V12 cost him Bt500,000; reconditioning the big sports car took six months.

“Initially, the car was not in its current condition. I had to spend more than six months to renovate it, but I feel happy. Making a beloved car look beautiful takes time, just like designing a hairstyle. We must think about which hairstyle is suitable for a customer. It’s the same in choosing a car: it must fit well with our personality,” Kittitad says.

Despite the rising price of oil and his car’s huge, fuel-thirsty engine, he says he is not concerned much about fuel bills, because he drives the Jaguar only to and from his place of work.

He has another car, a Honda, for general-purpose driving, and for maintenance he uses a garage he trusts.

“I personally like the Jaguar’s concave lines. This is unique to Jaguar. It’s a trendy two-door sporty car appropriate for my eager and flexible character – and I’m single now. It says what kind of person I am. Jaguar cars have always been luxury cars, because they’re handmade. The luxury feeling is appropriate to my career,” he says.

Kittitad says he has found on field trips abroad that foreign hairdressers regularly drive classic cars, because they emphasise classic design and beauty rather than speed.

“Many people ask me why I don’t buy a car with a removable roof, because these are very popular among European hairdressers. I don’t think such cars are suitable for Bangkok. It would also be a waste of time setting hair if you’re driving a car without a roof. It’s very important we choose a car that suits a driver’s character,” he says.

Thanadol Rila

The Nation

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