Driving in style : Owner of clothing firm likes his car to have a classy design, as well as the garments he produces


Almost all people involved in the textile and clothing industries tend to be fashion trendsetters and don’t like to appear outdated.

Narongthawat Tokunalai, owner of T-shirt manufacturer PR, said his taste in clothes and cars had totally changed since he took over the business from his father.

Before he entered the clothing industry, he drove a normal four-door Japanese car.

“Now, I have a Toyota MR-S produced in 2005 with a 1.8-litre engine. In the past, I drove a Toyota with a 1.6-litre engine. I changed the car after I replaced my father at the company. As I have to contact people outside the office, I realised that my old car was not flexible enough for the congested traffic conditions in Bangkok,” he says.

“I must work to deadlines and I work in the fashion business, so I decided to change my car to a two-door sporty car. My choice is a Toyota MR-S, given its easy maintenance, compact size and economical fuel consumption. The car helps me a lot in traffic jams because it is smaller than a lot of others.”

Moreover, Toyota has service centres across the country and this feature gives Narongthawat comfort when he drives outside the capital.

“As Toyota has service centres in every province, I am confident in its after-sales service. When I drive to other provinces, I don’t worry that I cannot find a garage to fix a problem,” he adds.

Narongthawat admits that a sporty European car would not be his choice as he is concerned about being near a service centre.

“All my family have used Japanese cars because of easy maintenance and cheap price tags. If I buy a sporty European car, my father would not be satisfied. I personally like cars with modern design for my job, so I like to drive a well-designed car at an affordable price,” he adds.

Since buying his Toyota MR-S two years ago, he has installed body parts to make it more attractive.

He is not a high-speed driver and is not concerned about having a powerful engine.

“When I drive around Bangkok’s roads, teenagers who drive cars always challenge me, but I ignore them,” he says.

“I have never driven faster than 140kph, and even that made me scared. I believe that some of those who drive sporty cars don’t like to drive fast. Designs of sporty cars are attractive and it is unnecessary to show off their performance.”

Thanadol Rila

The Nation

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